BIS 445 DeVry Week 3 I Lab

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BIS 445 DeVry Week 3 I Lab


BIS 445 DeVry Week 3 I Lab

Using Enterprise Data to Create Pivot Tables

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Scenario and Summary

You are working as a data analyst for a large manufacturing firm. You have been asked to develop a series of pivot table queries, which will present aggregated views of corporate data that can be used for decision support and trend analysis by decision-makers.

Using SQL, you can create aggregated views of your data. Pivot tables are especially useful if you are analyzing large volumes of data. For example, if you wanted to determine the average value of sales for each sales person in your database, you could use a pivot table to aggregate thousands or millions of sales records. This is much faster than attempting to scroll through all of the available records.

You will log into our Citrix Server, access SQL Server, and the BIS445_AdventureWorks database, and then develop five pivot tables.


Submit the YourName_Lab3_Questions.docx to the Week 3 I Lab Dropbox.

Section Deliverable Points
Part A Create a query to determine cost data for manufacturing a product. 10
Part B Develop a query to analyze average, minimum, and maximum costs for each product. 10
Part C Determine average sales amount for each salesperson. 10
Part D Determine average cost based upon a number of days to manufacture a product. 15
Part E Analyze the number of purchase orders placed by each vendor. 15




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Download the Week3_Lab3_Questions.docx from Doc Sharing. You will answer the questions and provide screen prints as required for each part of the lab.