BIS 445 DeVry Week 5 I Lab

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BIS 445 DeVry Week 5 iLab


BIS 445 DeVry Week 5 iLab

Predict sales patterns using simple linear regression

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Scenario and Summary

Joe Sanders scratched his head. He owned two Hungry Boy Subs franchises in a city. In an unusual arrangement, one of the franchises was located in the food court of the local mall. The other franchise was about two blocks down the street from the mall. The area in which Joe had purchased the franchises was in a new end of town, well-known for its good schools, professional offices, and well-kept neighborhoods. The area had been growing rapidly since Joe purchased the franchise about 10 months ago.

Joe purchased the local mall’s sub shop first, and found it to be immensely successful. Encouraged by the success of the food court shop, he went on to purchase a new franchise in a street vendor area up the street. Even though the two franchises were close together geographically, he felt they catered to different markets; one to mall employees and mall-goers, and another to passers-by who had no intention of going to the mall.

Joe thought the sales patterns of his sales at the food court would help him forecast sales of his street location, and thus help him determine quantities of various products to order. Particularly, Joe wanted to forecast the number of drinks he would sell in each period and the percent of sales that are cold drinks.

Therefore, Joe collected data from both franchises and decided to do an analysis to see if he could design a forecasting model for each location. He was also interested in analyzing buying patterns in both franchises to see if there were any similarities or differences. The data is found in DrinkSales.txt.

Your task is to predict sales patterns using simple linear regression. You will import the comma delimited file into a SQL database table that has marketing research data on drinking patterns and perform some basic analyses on this data by creating a scatter plot. After you analyze this data you will use simple regression to try to predict drink patterns.


Submit the YourName_Lab5_Questions.docx to the Week 5 iLab Dropbox.

Section Deliverable Points
Part A Import comma delimited file and create SQL 2008 table. 10
Part B Create scatter plots on drink sales. 20
Part C Regression analyses on drink sales. 30




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Download the Week5_Lab5_Questions.docx from DocSharing. You will answer the questions and provide screen prints as required for each part of the lab.

Create a folder on your local drive named Transfer.

Download the Week5_DrinkSales.txt file from DocSharing to your Transfer folder.

Login to the Citrix remote lab.

Follow the login instructions located in the iLab tab in Course Home.