BIS 450 DeVry Week 1 I Lab 1

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BIS 450 DeVry Week 1 iLab 1


BIS 450 DeVry Week 1 iLab 1


You have been asked to help Dr. Dinewell, a local nutrition specialist, create a website that provides information on nutrition and healthy eating to the public. Dr. Dinewell is providing this educational site as a service to the community and also to promote awareness of her nutritional consulting practice.

Dr. Dinewell wants the site to include the following features:

a home page with an introduction, some information about her consulting practice, and links to the other pages on the site;

a body mass index (BMI) calculator that allows visitors to enter their height and weight to determine if they are underweight, normal, overweight, or obese. Dr. Dinewell wants the BMI calculator to be available through a web browser and also through an application that visitors can use on a smartphone or other mobile device so that they can check their BMI on the go;

a daily calorie needs calculator that allows visitors to determine how many calories they need to consume each day to maintain their weight;

a page that allows visitors to search for popular foods and display how many calories they contain to help them manage their calorie intake;

a form that allows Dr. Dinewell to maintain the information on the calorie content of foods by adding, modifying, or deleting food records as needed. This form should be protected by a user name and password so that only Dr. Dinewell can access it; and

a page where visitors can enter their e-mail addresses to sign up for Dr. Dinewell’s nutrition newsletter. After entering their e-mail addresses, visitors should receive an automatic e-mail message confirming that they are signed up for the newsletter.

Fortunately, you do not have to do all of this at once! At this time, you will just create the style sheet and home page for the site. The other elements will be added in future weeks