CARD 415 DeVry Week 3 Assignment

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CARD 415 DeVry Week 3 Assignment


CARD 415 DeVry Week 3 Assignment

Smart Career Goals


SMART Goals Worksheet

Use this worksheet for the Week 3 assignment. Think about your immediate career goal upon graduation. Be as specific as you can when addressing the 5 traits of this SMART goal.

Specific – What specifically do you want? Don’t just say “to get a job.” You need to think of either the title of the job or the kind of work you wish to do.

Measurable -How will you know if the goal has been reached? What will happen or be the situation?

Attainable -Is it within reach? How do you know that you are capable and able to attain your goal?

Realistic-Re-examine the specific goal (position/work) you stated above. Is this goal realistic for you? Explain.

Timely (Time Frame) -This is an important part of any SMART goal. By when do you plan to achieve your goal? This may be a bit difficult given a specific economy, but set a date or time frame in months for achieving this goal.

SMART Goals Assignment Rubric

Goal Trait Description Possible Points Points Earned
Specific Goal was specifically stated. 10  
Measurable Measurement of goal was given. 10  
Attainable Proof was given that goal was in reach. 10  
Realistic Goal was defined as realistic. 10  
Timely Time frame given for goal achievement. 10