CARD 415 DeVry Week 5 Assignment

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CARD 415 DeVry Week 5 Assignment


CARD 415 DeVry Week 5 Assignment

Career Objective and Personal Summary



Most experts advise job seekers to construct a career objective that includes a specific job title or career/field area combined with words that summarize applicable experience combined with a couple of other personal/professional qualities. It is also recommended that you complete the statement or statements with a comment as to why it is in the employer’s best interest to hire you. To complete both the career objective portion and the personal summary portion of this assignment, find a job advertisement for a position for which you will qualify upon graduation. Use this ad to help you craft these two options for a resume.

Proven, cleared, and certified technologist with Information Technology (IT) experience spanning a nine-year career. Currently seeking an opportunity to utilize obtained IT skills in an Information Assurance or Cyber Security capacity that will leverage the combination of diverse knowledge and formal education accomplishments. Extensive knowledge of hardware and software implementation that seamlessly translates to the enhanced confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information systems.


Quite often job seekers prefer to include a personal summary in their resumes in place of a specific career objective. Some job seekers include both. This exercise will give you practice at creating your own personal summary. This section of a resume can be entitled “Personal Summary,” or sometimes it may be called “Skills/Achievements.” Take a look at the Skills/Achievement statements in the sample resume located on pg. 93 of our textbook. You will notice that this section includes both competencies or skills and achievements or experiences. An example of a personal summary could look something like this: Five years experience installing and servicing local area network. Work well under tight deadline and within diverse teams. Customer service oriented with ability to problem solve and find creative alternatives. Excellent troubleshooting skills and ability to adapt to quickly changing situations.

Through studying information technology at DeVry University, I hope to build on the skills and knowledge that I have already gained from my previous educational experiences and my own self-study. My goal is nothing less than to gain a thorough knowledge of all the critical aspects of information technology, such as programming languages, software engineering, networks, information systems and hardware development. Having immersed myself in the world of computers for quite some time now, I am fully aware of the complexities of all these areas, and as a consequence I believe that it is essential for anyone who aspires to work in IT to have undertaken the sort of rigorous studies that only an advanced degree can offer.

Career Objective and Personal Summary Rubric

Item Description Points Possible Points Earned
Career Objective Includes position, skills offered, and employer’s desired traits 25  
Personal Summary Includes 3-4 statements of talents, achievements, skills, etc. 25