CARD 415 DeVry Week 6 Assignment

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CARD 415 DeVry Week 6 Assignment 


CARD 415 DeVry Week 6 Assignment

Targeted Cover Letter


Although many jobs are applied for online today, there is still a need for a professional cover letters in today’s job search. Sometimes for positions that are advertised online, the employer asks for a cover letter to accompany the resume. Cover letters are tools to introduce candidates to employers and also to give additional information about job seekers. The bottom of page 105 in our text provides ideas of what information needs to be found in each of the paragraphs of a cover letter. Remember, this letter should not tell your life’s story, but it should be targeted enough to an open position that it encourages the reader to take a look at the accompanying resume.

Write a targeted cover letter for the position which you used to write your targeted resume. Use formal business letter writing conventions, and make sure that the information is balanced on the page and correctly written. See Figure 5-4 on page 106 of our text for an example. Make sure you are using the name of the company and the address of that company in this business letter.