CIS 115 DeVry Final Exam Latest

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CIS 115 DeVry Final Exam Latest


CIS 115 Final Exam Study Guide

(TCO 1) What is the first step in software development?

(TCO 2) Which variable name is invalid?

(TCO 3) Which symbol in a flowchart would be used by a developer to represent a calculation (process)?

(Points : 5)

. (TCO 2) You are designing an algorithm that will store a date as 01202009. Which data type would you choose for the date


(Points : 5)

(TCO 3) The three basic control structures used in programming are _____.

(Points : 5)

(TCO 2) When a program evaluates mathematical expressions, which of the following operators (or mathematical operations) has the highest precedence?

(Points : 5)

(TCOs 2 and 7) Which one of the following is not a valid assignment statement in a program?

(Points : 5)

(TCO 2) Which value will be contained in the variable x after the following statement is executed?

x = 10 + 8 / 2 * 3

(TCO 2) Which statement indicates that the variable rep is being used as an accumulator?

(Points : 5)

(TCO 4) For maximum efficiency, which question should be asked first when working with an Or decision?

(Points : 5)

(TCOs 2, 7, and 8) Review the partial pseudocode below. Which is the correct math expression to complete the algorithm and calculate the average?

(TCOs 3, 4, and 8) Review the pseudocode below. Which will be displayed when this algorithm executes?

(TCOs 3, 4, and 8) Which value gets displayed for the variable X?