CIS 115 DeVry Week 1 Quiz Latest

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CIS 115 DeVry Week 1 Quiz Latest


CIS 115 Week 1 Quiz – New

(TCO 1) An outline of the processing steps is determined during which of the following steps in program development? (Points: 2)
(TCO 1) When defining a problem, the _____ in a problem description can help you determine the input and output components. (Points: 2)
(TCO 1) What symbol represents output in a flowchart? (Points: 2)
(TCO 1) The step-by-step instructions that describe how to accomplish a task are called a(n) _____. (Points: 2). (TCO 1) which of the following is an invalid variable name? (Points: 2)
(TCO 1) What would be the appropriate data type for a variable that is used to represent a loan payment (example data: 255.75)? (Points: 2)
(TCO 1) Assume that the variable temp has a data type of string and Val has a data type of integer. Which of the following assignment statements is invalid? (Points: 2)
(TCO 1) You use the _____ control structure when you need to select one of two paths based on the answer to a question. (Points: 2)
(TCO 1) What is the value of x in this expression?
(TCO 1) If a variable has the value 250, what is its data type? (Points: 2)