COLL 148 DeVry Quiz Week 4 and 6

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COLL 148 DeVry Quiz Week 4 and 6


COLL 148 DeVry Quiz Week 4 and 6

Week 4 Quiz

Which of the following is NOT true about words:
When writing a college paper, the audience analysis and focus of your paper is usually geared towards:
In selecting a topic for a paper, the following is most important:

In the digital age and the age of the internet, the library
One of the following is NOT a good way to create an effective introduction:
One suggestion for successfully concluding a paper is:

Week 6 Quiz

All of the following are true regarding planning for your future except:
When building your resume, remember:
Which is NOT a recommendation for preparing for your future success?
Which component of REWARDS interviews preparation is incorrectly defined?
The most overlooked step in the job search process is: