DeVry MATH 350 Week 5 Homework

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DeVry MATH 350 Week 5 Homework Assignment Latest

Week 5: Solution Assessment and Implementation


In order to achieve goals and planned results within a defined schedule and a budget, organizations initiate a project. Regardless of which industry sector the organization operates within, there are several methodologies to guide the processes at every stage of a project from initiation to implementation to project closure.

A methodology is a model, which project managers employ for the design, planning, implementation, and achievement of project objectives. There are different project management methodologies to benefit different projects.

Milestone 2 – Solution Assessment

In a 5-8 page paper using APA format, please describe the following:

  1. 1.Introduction– Briefly describe the business problem you are evaluating to provide context for your paper.
  2. 2.Solution Alternatives– Explain why it is import to evaluate several options along important dimensions such as risk, cost, and acceptability to key stakeholders.
  3. a.Identify and describe the alternative solutions (minimum 2) that you developed to improve the business process and assess the alternatives using a technique from BABOK.
  4. b.Conduct a solution assessment using a technique from the BABOK and recommend one solution

i.Techniques are listed in section 7.1.5 and chapter 9 of the BABOK

  1. c.Insert the table, matrix, or chart of the solution assessment in this section.
  2. d.Recommend the one alternative that fulfills the business need and offers the most value to the organization.
  3. e.Provide the rationale for your recommendation of the proposed solution
  4. 3.Process Flowchart– Explain the differences between the steps in the as-is (current) process flowchart and the to-be (future) process flowchart. Which steps are different and why did they change?
  5. a.Create a flowchartof theto-be / futurebusiness process using MicrosoftVisio and insert the figure in this section.
  6. b.If you do not have Visio installed on your computer, you can access this application via the iLab tabin the Course Home unit.
  7. 4.Methodology– Explain how you will manage the implementation tasks. Select a project management methodology to manage the implementation tasks from the list below:
  8. a.Waterfall– In this model, the project lifecycle has fixed phases and linear timelines.
  9. b.Spiral– Spiral methodology is the extended waterfall model with prototyping. The spiral method is good for projects which require formal specification, but for which the specifications cannot be fully defined in advance.
  10. c.Agile– This model is characterized by short delivery cycles (sprints),agile requirements, dynamic team culture, less restrictive project control and emphasis on real-time communication.
  11. d.Scrum– This is an agile methodology. The main goal of this methodology is to improve team productivity dramatically by reducing the impact of potential barriers.
  12. 5.Project Management– Explain how you will implement the solution.
  13. a.Define how long it will take to implement the changes and which resources will be required to support the implementation effort.
  14. b.Create a project timeline for implementing the recommended solution.
  15. c.Insert the table or matrix of the project timeline in this section.
  16. 6.Conclusion– Do not simply reiterate your results or the discussion points.
  17. a.Explain the significance of your solution assessment activity and define the value your recommendation will provide to the organization.
  18. b.Explain the next steps for validating the solution to lead into the final paper.

Grading Rubric

Category Points Weighting Description
Content 60 pts 60% All key elements of the assignment are covered in a substantive way. Page count met. Major points are stated clearly, are supported by specific details (examples or analysis), and are organized logically. The paper links theory to relevant examples of current experience and industry practice. Provided depth and clarity.
Grammar and


20 pts 20% Paper is well written and is college level writing. Rules of grammar and punctuation are followed. Spelling is correct.Follows APA format.
Organization &


20 pts 20% Paper was organized, has topical flow, and used appropriate industry vocabulary, concepts, and theory. Paragraph transitions are present and logical, flow maintained throughout paper. Sentences are complete, clear, and concise.Sentence transitions are present and maintain the flow of thought.
Total 100 Pts 100% A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.



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