ECET 330 DeVry Week 7 Homework

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ECET 330 DeVry Week 7 Homework


ECET 330 DeVry Week 7 Homework


ECET 330 DeVry Week 7 Homework

1.Is it possible to interface an IC with a different technology such as TTL to HCS12 ports? What are the conditions in terms of electrical parameters that need to be satisfied for this purpose?

2.Given an LED with a forward drop of 1.5V and an operating current of 10 mA, design the interface to the HCS12 showing your calculations.

3.Bit 4 of Port B is connected to a switch that normally outputs a zero. Monitor this switch to detect a change from zero to one. Immediately when it becomes one, call a function to toggle Bit 5 of Port B, which is connected to an LED. Use an exclusive-OR operation to toggle PB5 two times. After the function call, the code should branch to the line that monitors PB4.

4.Write a program to create an array initialized with Hex digits in the ROM space. The main code should copy this array to a different array in the RAM space.

5.What is the function of the enable control input of a tri-state buffer? If the output of two or more tri-state buffers is connected to each other, what is the restriction on enable control input lines? What does happen when this restriction is violated?

6.In your own words, describe bus contention and how to avoid this problem. What techniques are used in modern computer systems to avoid bus contention?