ENGL 092 DeVry Week 5 Assignment 1

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ENGL 092 DeVry Week 5 Assignment 1


ENGL 092 DeVry Week 5 Assignment 1


ENGL 092 DeVry Week 5 Assignment 1

Essay – Rough Draft of Response

Last week, we worked on idea maps/outlines for our response essay to Po Bronson’s essay, “What Should I Do With My Life? (located in our textbook, Theme 2, Today’s Workplace, beginning on pg. 750). Let us review your writing assignment for the essay:

Bronson says, “We are all writing the story of our own life. It’s not a story of conquest. It’s a story of discovery. Through trial and error, we learn what gifts we have to offer the world and are pushed to greater recognition about what we really need.” Describe some of the “gifts you have to offer the world” and some of the “things you really need.”

At this stage, you have outlined your thoughts about the gifts that you offer the world and the things that you really need to live your life. You have an idea map to guide your thinking and some peer reviews. We discussed writing-oriented subjects like:

  • organizing our ideas
  • structuring paragraphs
  • developing our written thoughts through details and specifics, and—very important—
  • imagining our readers and what main point we want them to take away from our essay.

Note: .equella.ecollege.com/file/d10872d7-a75e-47bc-a011-71e31b8f0650/1/documents–engl092_w5_assignment_rough_draft_of_response_essay_instructions.docx”>Assignment Instructions (click on the link)

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