ENGL 219 DeVry Week 1 Is It Newsworthy

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ENGL 219 DeVry Week 1 Is It Newsworthy? 


ENGL 219 DeVry Week 1 Is It Newsworthy? 


ENGL 219 DeVry Week 1 Assignment

Writing Assignment: Is It Newsworthy?

Complete the following in a Word document. The document should be 500-750 words and APA formatted.

  1. Define newsworthy.
  2. Find an article from your local paper. Scan it or find an online link to it.
  3. Using the newsworthy criteria, determine if your article is newsworthy. Explain why it is or isn’t newsworthy based on criteria provided in the textbook and discussed in the lecture.
  4. You must turn in the actual article or add the link to your paper.

Make sure you keep all articles you write throughout the course. At the end, your best articles will be used in the class newspaper.