FIN 364 DeVry Course Project

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FIN 364 DeVry Course Project


FIN 364 DeVry Course Project


FIN 364 DeVry Course Project

What has been the impact of the recent mortgage crisis on the money supply in the United States? What actions did the Federal Reserve take in response to the mortgage crisis?

begin conducting outside research using the online library, the Internet, the Wall Street Journal websites, the Economist, and so forth. From your research, create an annotated bibliography. (An annotated bibliography includes the full reference in APA format and a paragraph explaining the value of the source to your research.) This will help you both in organizing your research, and in generating your reference page at the end of the project.

At the end of Week 3 you will submit a Topic Proposal in which you will identify the topic you selected for the Course Project. Within this Topic Proposal, you will also include the annotated bibliography for your sources. You are required to have five to seven outside sources for this project. The Topic Proposal will consist of a one page, typed, and single spaced paper.

The final research paper will consist of a 5-6 page typed and double-spaced paper (750-1,500 words) with at least one graphic (such as a graph or table) that is due at the end of Week 7. The paper should include a title page, an introduction stating the purpose of the paper, the text (5-6 pages), graphic(s), a conclusion, and bibliography.

The grading rubric is in DocSharing titled FIN364 Course Project Rubric, and it is also presented below.

Final Project: Research Paper

Category Points % Description
Title Page 5 4% Please follow proper APA format for your title page.
Introduction 5 4% Describe the money and banking topic that you have selected and identify why it is significant. Present any relevant background or facts that will enable the reader to understand the topic and/or issues in a clear manner.
Research Question 10 7% Identify and clearly state the research question. Focus on the primary topic(s) and describe related issues in a clear and concise manner.
Topic Research 35 27% Connect the research question and related topics to specific money and banking concepts. Name the topical area (e.g. monetary policy strategies in response to an economic recession). Then complete a synthesis of at least four scholarly, professional studies, or articles that are relevant.
Topic Discussion 55 43% Discuss the research question and topic taking into consideration the research that has been conducted. The strength of this section is to apply the concepts from our text, class discussions, and your research. Discuss the ideas and insights that are most valuable in assisting you in understanding the elements of the topic you have selected. The paper will be evaluated on the basis of whether or not the content reflects good research and good analysis.
Graphic 5 4% In the body of the paper or within an appendix, at least one graphic is included that is appropriate (e.g. a table, chart, etc.) that helps to illustrate a key concept within the paper.
Conclusion / Reflection 10 7% Provide a conclusion and also include a well thought out reflective statement about how this assignment helped in your understanding of money and banking concepts, and how this assignment influenced your personal, academic, and professional development.
References 5 4%  
Formatting and Grammar     Points will be deducted for poor grammar, spelling or writing style.
Total 130 100 A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.