GSCM 434 DeVry Week 2 Assignment

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GSCM 434 DeVry Week 2 Assignment


GSCM 434 DeVry Week 2 Assignment


GSCM 434 DeVry Week 2 Assignment

Chapter Questions

Answer the following questions from the textbook in a Word document. Your answers should be about one to two paragraphs per question. You can find a grading rubric located in Doc Sharing.

9-2. How have cost considerations influenced facility location decisions?

9-3. In what way is the location of customer markets a strategic consideration in facility location?

9-5. How does a raw material’s status as pure, weight-losing, or weight-gaining influence the facility location decision?

12-2. Why is it important to know about the characteristics of a country’s transportation infrastructure?

12-5. How do truckload operations differ from less-than-truckload operations?