GSCM 540 DeVry All Week Case Paper

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GSCM 540 DeVry All Week Case Paper


GSCM 540 DeVry All Week Case Paper


GSCM 540 DeVry Week 2 Case Paper Latest

Case: MARS (D) #15

In 2009MARS Inc. has been faced with new challenges in their buying process of their diesel engine due to changes with their Columbus supplier. The D-342 diesel engine market is in jeopardy which is why the supplier dropped production and left MARS Inc. with only one option in suppliers. Having to now deal with only one supplier Tom Sosa, the purchasing manager, has had to figure out what this change means to MARS Inc. in terms of transportation cost, inventory and storage costs, and continue the enforcement of MARS INC.’s implementation of lean manufacturing.

Case Study Questions

  • What were MARS total costs per year prior to the new price structure when the diesel engine price was $4,800? Was Mars’s using the EOQ method?
  • With the volume purchase discounts and warehouse constraints, what is the best ordering quantity?
  • With the change in supplier and the resulting addition of volume purchase discounts and different transportation rates, how are costs and EOQs affected?
  • What is the difference between all-unit quantity discount and incremental discount schedules? How would the costs and EOQs differ? Which would be preferable assuming that both share the same cost figures?
  • How will these changes impact the Lean Manufacturing Philosophy at MARS? What would be the resulting changes in inventory levels?



GSCM 540 DeVry Week 3 Case Paper Latest

Case: The ARMS Procurement System at Tustin State University #3


Case Study Questions

  • Use flow diagrams to show the differences between the new and old system.
  • How should Christina solve the errors in the ARMS purchasing module? How do you recommend searching through 280,000 vendor catalogs?
  • There are also a significant number of errors in the vendor database. The ARMS system cannot decipher between a vendor’s billing address and its shipping address. What should you recommend?
  • If the invoice does not match the purchase order exactly, the account clerk and purchasing must research the purchase order and identify where the error occurred. What is your recommendation?



GSCM 540 DeVry Week 4 Case Paper Latest

Case: Firebird Electric, U.S. #11

Case Study Questions

  • Calculate the differences between make, buy, and outsourcing decisions, and provide your recommended option.
  • How should the suppliers be selected if the buy option is chosen? Give a step-by-step approach to the selection and evaluation process.



GSCM 540 DeVry Week 5 Case Paper Latest

Case: Carter Systems Canada, Inc. #9

Case Study Questions

  • How does the cost breakdown of the previous orders and Mr. Travis’ estimate differ? What can be inferred about the nature of the new product from the cost breakdown estimation?
  • How can each item of a cost breakdown be interpreted in regard to each other and the quoted company? Of all the cost breakdown items, which items are more important and open to negotiation?
  • What factors might have caused the variance between D & G Technologies’ quotation and Mr. Travis’ estimate? Between D & G Technologies’ quotation and Bell Systems’ quotation? Between SOT and the two lowest quotes?
  • In light of your answer to the above question, what conclusions can you draw concerning (a) the reliability and usefulness of cost estimates made by the buyer, and (b) the value to be gained from the comparison of one supplier’s quotation with the others?



GSCM 540 DeVry Week 6 Case Paper Latest

Case: TEMKO Earthmovers #23

Case Study Questions

  • What could be inferred about the supplier market conditions from the response for the request for quote? How would the supplier market conditions influence the decision to expand outsourcing policy?
  • Discuss and define the difference between single sourcing and sole sourcing in regard to the relationship between TEMKO and ACE Manufacturing. Include an evaluation of ACE Manufacturing’s requests and what could be inferred from them.
  • According to ACE Manufacturing, what would the resulting cost reduction from outsourcing to ACE Manufacturing be? Discuss the probable sources of this cost reduction. What would be the consequence of exploiting these sources to TEMKO and ACE Manufacturing?



GSCM 540 DeVry Week 7 Case Paper Latest

Case: Eastern Waves, Inc. #10

Case Study Questions

  • As Jon James, please write a critique analyzing the situation in Malaysia for Mr. Patton. What recommendations do you suggest?
  • How can Code C avoid future sourcing disruptions? How should Code C critically analyze future global sourcing alternatives?