HIST 417 DeVry Week 4 Assignment

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HIST 417 DeVry Week 4 Assignment


HIST 417 DeVry Week 4 Assignment


HIST 417 DeVry Week 4 Assignment


Choose a propaganda poster (Google propaganda posters and select from WWI, WWII, or Nazi) from those whose ideas are covered in this course. Write a 500 word reflective essay connecting the propaganda poster to a TCO from the course. Papers are required to contain at least two outside resources and the textbook (plus a copy of the poster and the link to its source). All sources need to be cited using APA citation. The paper should have at least 5 in-text citations using proper APA format (no URLs for in-text citations).

Grading Rubric

Description Possible Points
Content/ideas 30
APA (in-text and reference section) 10
Organization 10
Grammar/spelling 10
Total 60