HOSP 582 DeVry Final Exam of Hospitality Industry

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HOSP 582 DeVry Final Exam of Hospitality Industry


HOSP 582 DeVry Final Exam of Hospitality Industry


HOSP 582 DeVry Final Exam of Hospitality Industry

Question 1.1. (TCO A) Analyze the characteristics of Generation X that affect hospitality services and define the changes in the hospitality and tourism industry that hospitality managers are expected to cope with. (Points : 40)


Question 2.2. (TCO B) Discuss in detail the unique aspects of management in the foodservice industry. Focus on restaurants. Your answer should include specific characteristics a successful restaurant manager should have. Also discuss the challenges the restaurant industry is facing in this area. (Points : 40)


Question 3. (TCO F) What are internal customers and why are they important to a hospitality operation? What part do they play in the big picture of competitive forces affecting the hospitality industry? What should managers do to retain internal customers? (Points : 40


Question 4. (TCO E) Define the following as related to a business in the hospitality industry: Length of Stay, Timing of Stay, Overbooking. Clearly define each and give plenty of examples to support your answer. Lastly, discuss how all of the above is interconnected. (Points : 40)


Question 5.5. (TCO B) Discuss the Five M’s effective managers in the hospitality should achieve. What are the Five M’s? Discuss each one in detail. (Points : 40)


Question 6.6. (TCO C) What are some examples of customer needs? How do needs vary from one hospitality operation to another? How can service fulfill customer needs? And why is understanding customer needs vital to the manager? (Points : 40)