HUM 112 Week 2 Discussion STR

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HUM 112 Week 2 Discussion STR

Week Two Discussion:  Versailles, Velázquez, and Rubens–Please answer all of the questions listed below–

  • Versailles contains symbols of power and absolute monarchy.  Pick a feature of the palace you admire and explain how you would use this as a setting for a computer program or a board game.   What would happen in this setting?   Who would be featured in the game (the king?  the queen?  noblemen?).
  • Use the text as a source and research on line for a computer program to discuss.   Consider the gardens, Hall of Mirrors, the layout of the palace itself,  the furniture, the number of rooms, and paintings.   Here is a link to a website that discusses how to design a game:

.Week 4 Assignment Topic Choice –Go to the other discussion thread to post your topic choice (and see the topics listed).


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