HUM 112 Week 2 Quiz 1 STR

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Quiz 1

·         Question 1

What inspired the first operas?

·         Question 2

Why did the orphanage directors of Venice hope audiences would be dazzled by the orphans’ musical performances?

·         Question 3

What is the meaning of the Portuguese term barroco, from which “Baroque” likely derived?

·         Question 4

What did Bernini aim to symbolize with his oval colonnade that encloses Vatican Square?

·         Question 5

What Greek myth inspired Monteverdi’s first opera?

·         Question 6

In The Little Street why does Vermeer include a half-whitewashed wall and a mortar-filled cracked façade?

·         Question 7

What manner of inquiry did René Descartes advocate?

·         Question 8

Why in 1656 was Rembrandt forced to declare bankruptcy?

Question 9

In Descent from the Cross, discussed in the chapter’s “Continuity and Change” section, why does Rembrandt push his scene deeper into the canvas than does Rubens in his earlier painting of the same title?

Question 10

What requirement did the Dutch state place on people in public service?

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