MATH 260 DeVry Week 4 Discussion Latest

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MATH 260 DeVry Week 4 Discussion Latest


MATH 260 DeVry Week 4 Discussion Latest


MATH 260 DeVry Week 4 Discussion

Trigonometric Functions (graded)

Trigonometric functions are some of the most important functions that you will explore. Remember that they are periodic, so they have many real-world applications in studying various kinds of waves and frequencies. Here are some questions that we will address. Please post answers in this thread.

  1. What are the formulas for the derivatives of the trig functions?
  2. How do we use them to find derivatives of more complex functions involving trig forms?
  3. How can we use the trig identities to rewrite functions so that we can apply the basic formulas?
  4. What are real-world applications for trig functions, particularly those that come from your program?
  5. Explain how you can use the derivative to explore these applications.

Please feel free to use examples from the homework to illustrate your answers.